12-City Lung Cancer Community Conversations: Hope in Research for Small Cell Lung Cancer

We are thrilled to announce an upcoming program series that aims to shed light on an issue affecting many lives across our nation: lung cancer. HEAL Collaborative is proud to present “Lung Cancer Education & Awareness: A Community Conversation,” a twelve-city educational program focused on small cell lung cancer.

In collaboration with our sponsor Amgen, we will be partnering with numerous churches throughout the nation. We are rallying communities, medical experts, patients, and caregivers to participate in this crucial conversation. Our goal is to provide insightful information on various aspects of lung cancer, including screening, treatment options, and the significance of clinical trials.

This program isn’t just about disseminating information; it’s about empowering individuals with the knowledge they need to navigate their healthcare journey effectively. Participants will have the invaluable opportunity to engage with subject matter experts, learning more about their options and gaining insights into how to navigate the complex healthcare system.

One crucial aspect we’ll be highlighting is the importance of advocating for one’s health. We firmly believe that understanding how to advocate for yourself can significantly impact the level of care you receive. By equipping attendees with the tools and resources they need to advocate effectively, we aim to ensure that every individual receives the care and attention they deser

Program Kick-off at Antioch Missionary Baptist Curch in Birmingham. AL

Mark your calendars and join us for “Lung Cancer Education & Awareness: A Community Conversation.” Together, we can raise awareness, foster understanding, and ultimately make a difference in the fight against lung cancer.

Stay tuned for more details on dates and locations!