About HEAL Collaborative

HEAL Collaborative is a nonprofit organization focused on Health Education Advocacy and Learning. We are passionate about improving the health of our community.

We form meaningful partnerships with faith-based organizations and leverage culturally relevant health education resources to help the Black community:

  • Learn about healthy lifestyles, wellness, chronic disease prevention and management through workshops and training
  • Navigate local healthcare systems and access the latest medical treatments and technologies
  • Learn about early detection, treatment options, health screenings, and clinical trial enrollment

Additionally, we advocate for improvements in healthcare quality, accessibility, and affordability for people of color. This advocacy includes outreach to policymakers and medical leaders.

Education remains our primary focus. We provide a space for patients, caregivers, and high-risk individuals to come face-to-face with their legislators and healthcare systems to begin a necessary dialog. Prioritizing education has equipped congregations, legislators, and healthcare systems with the tools to prioritize the critical health needs of disadvantaged communities.

– Julius Spears, Co-Founder and Chair Member

Our Vision, Mission, and Goals


Communities of color are healthy. We know that healthy communities have better mental health, increased job opportunities, and higher incomes.


To develop healthy communities of color, we will use our collaborative relationships, innovation, community action, and public advocacy. Our organization is built on the idea that every community should have access to resources that help them thrive. We collaborate with neighbors and professionals at every level to empower communities to be both healthy and happy.


  • Build collaborative networks nationally
  • Establish faith-based partnerships
  • Hold educational workshops about healthcare with policymakers, faith leaders, and community advocates

We continually strive to build collaborative relationships with Black churches, policymakers, and clinicians that encourage growth in education, community action, and innovation. We facilitate educational events that not only educate the community, but also provide opportunities for community members to exchange ideas and concerns about access to treatment and healthcare system navigation. Our ultimate goal is to build communities that are actively involved in creating better health for themselves and their loved ones.

A Look into Our Work Throughout the Year

A Look into Our Year


As a 501(c)3 organization, HEAL Collaborative is dedicated to transparency. Download our most recent financial report.