Partnering to End the Dangers of Menthol

The Center for Black Health & Equity’s No Menthol Sunday is an annual opportunity for faith communities to address the detrimental impact tobacco has on Black communities. Each year they encourage faith leaders to dedicate this day to educating congregants about smoking, vaping, and the role of menthol and other flavors. The pandemic has increased the risk of smoking-related deaths in our communities, but there is so much we can do to focus on victory!

HEAL Collaborative came on board as a partner and, in turn, supported several churches in Georgia as they rolled out this campaign to their congregation. On Sunday, May 21, 2023, Bethel MBC (Savannah), House of Hope Atlanta (Lithonia), New Life Church (Decatur), and Grace Missionary Baptist Church (Auburn).

Each church hosted a special event as part of the ‘No Menthol Sunday‘ campaign, where church leaders and members came together to educate their congregation about the harmful effects of menthol tobacco products. The event aimed to address the specific impact of menthol cigarettes, which have been known to be especially appealing to young people and African-American communities.

Local news outlets covered the House of Hope event extensively, shedding light on the church’s commitment to promoting health and well-being among its congregation. The coverage emphasized the importance of educating individuals about the unique risks associated with menthol cigarettes and how they disproportionately affect certain communities.

The success of the ‘No Menthol Sunday’ campaign in Georgia highlights the power of community-driven initiatives in combating public health challenges. By harnessing the collective strength of churches, this campaign made significant strides in raising awareness, promoting education, and ultimately protecting the well-being of individuals and communities throughout the state. HEAL Collaborative is providing ongoing support to the participating churches in efforts to promote healthier communities.