A Personal Story Honoring National Kidney Month: Patient Q&A With Quin Taylor

Quin Taylor was a sophomore enjoying her undergraduate experience when suddenly her body became unrecognizable. She soon received a phone call that would be the most defining moment of her…

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National Minority Health Month Q&A With HEAL Collaborative Medical Director & Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Lawrence Sanders

Dr. Lawrence Sanders, MD, is HEAL Collaborative’s Medical Director and Chief Medical Officer. He is also the Medical Director of the Grady Health System, where he serves as the physician…

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A Personal Story: Mother/Daughter Turned Multiple Myeloma Patient/Caregiver

Deidra Jones (right) and Aronica Cotton (left) share a relationship that’s more than just multiple myeloma (MM) patient and caretaker—they’re also mother and daughter! Deidra, 58, was diagnosed with 11-14 type multiple myeloma in…

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