Sick and Tired of Sickcare

By: Arkansas State Representative Vivian Flowers I am Fannie Lou Hamer “sick and tired” of advocating within a system that is literally costing us our health. I didn’t start out…

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World Health Day & Minority Health Month Q&A With HEAL Treasurer Howard Mosby

This Q&A was originally posted by CURA Strategies. This year World Health Day and National Minority Health Month share not only the same timeframe, but a similar theme: Building a…

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Kidney Health Equity Initiative Q&A With NephCure Kidney International CEO, Josh Tarnoff

Josh Tarnoff joined NephCure Kidney International, a primary advocate and catalyst for accelerating research for effective treatments for rare forms of Nephrotic Syndrome, in early 2018, fulfilling a long-held desire…

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