We are grateful for the ongoing support of policymakers throughout the U.S. that partner with us on our mission. We work together to keep them informed of needs of their community health equity, they also serve on our roundtables and help to inform on the other side.

Here are a few of the policymakers that stand together with HEAL Collaborative.

US Congress

  • US Congressman Hank Johnson


  • State Representative Fred Allen


  • State Senator Bobby Powell
  • Arthenia Joyner Former Member of the Florida State Senate
  • State Representative Travaris McCurdy
  • State Representative Fentriss Driskell
  • State Representative Felicia Robinson


  • State Representative Calvin Smyre
  • DeKalb County Commissioner Mereda Johnson
  • Atlanta City Councilmember Natalyn Archbong
  • State Representative Billy Mitchell
  • State Representative Kim Schofield
  • State Representative Marie Metze
  • State Senator Tonya P. Anderson
  • Georgia Legislative Black Caucus


  • State Senator Mattie Hunter
  • State Senator Robert Peters


  • State Representative Reginald Meeks


  • Delegate Talmadge Branch
  • State Senator Shirley Nathan-Pulliam (Retired)


  • State Legislature Senator Hillman Frazier


  • State Senator Hearcel Craig


  • State Representative Harold Ford
  • State Representative Harold Love, Jr.


  • State Representative Toni Rose
  • State Senator Royce West
  • Commissioner Rodney Ellis

HEAL Collaborative is on the cutting edge of promoting health in communities of people of color by educating, empowering, and bringing awareness. They are making a difference every day!

– Quin Taylor, BCPA, Midwest Regional Director, Community Outreach and Advocacy Engagement