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Targeted Treatment, Biomarker Testing, Public Policy, and Clinical Trials

August 26, 2023 @ 10:00 am - 12:00 pm EDT

AUGUST 26: Targeted Treatment, Biomarker Testing, Public Policy, and Clinical Trials

This workshop will cover the latest advances in biomarker testing, immunotherapy, targeted therapies, clinical trials, and radiation therapy in the transition of lung cancer to a treatable disease. Health equity and improving access to multidisciplinary teams, clinical trials, and advanced treatments will be discussed.

Participants will learn about how physicians utilize biomarker testing to optimize treatment decisions that are improving lung cancer survival through precision medicine. Precision medicine is a model that allows physicians to personalize treatment decisions for each person diagnosed ​with lung cancer. The personalized approach involves your primary care physician, surgeon, and oncologist working together to identify the best treatment that will more effectively target your specific type of lung cancer. Healthcare professionals will discuss how to improve access to biomarker testing and precision ​medicine in communities of color.


Learning Objectives:

To identify the role of biomarker testing in transforming lung cancer into a treatable disease

To understand how immunotherapy, targeted therapies, minimally invasive surgery, and are improving lung cancer survival and quality of life

To understand why health inequities exist in cancer treatment and clinical trials

To describe the process of enrolling in clinical trials

To understand how clinical trials improve treatment outcomes and quality of life