HEAL Collaborative’s leadership structure consists of a Board of Directors, Board of Advisors, regional advocacy and community engagement leaders and collaborative staff, all of whom are active, engaged members of their respective communities. We believe there is strength in diversity, which is reflected in the backgrounds of our leadership team, consisting of: doctors, physicians and medical experts, policymakers and legislative advocates, healthcare systems CEOs and COOs and research center presidents with strong backgrounds in clinical trials, care management and clinical documentation.

Foremost, every member of HEAL’s leadership team is dedicated to ensuring that our mission is reflected in all of the work that we do: building healthier communities for underserved populations through collaborative relationships, innovation, community action and public advocacy.

Our board of Board of Directors provides overall strategic management of our organization, while our collaborative staff maintains daily operations. Our Board of Advisors remains a separate group from our Board of Directors, with a set of unique individuals serving each Board.

The Collaborative Staff

Justin Williams, Director of Young Adult Engagement

Brenda Fannin, MBA, Marketing Manager

Regional Advocacy & Commnunity Engagement

Valerie Murray, RN, Advocacy and Patient Engagement Director

Sahirah Khabeer, MPH, Community Engagement, Cancer Programs

Stan Watson, Faith Based Organization Liaison

Board of Advisors

Otis Brawley, MD

David Shepherd, MD

Leon Bernal, MD

Morgan McLemore, MD

Lester Miles, MD

Mercedes Quinones, MD