What We Do

HEAL works with community-centric groups, including health and outreach ministries in identified faith-based groups, patient advocacy organizations, medical and professional societies, and consumer and social/civic groups.

HEAL education and engagement programs center around faith communities. With strong ties to faith-based bodies across the country, HEAL partners with church leaders to benefit and impact its communities as a collective.

To improve healthcare quality and community standards, HEAL operates with the support and collaboration of groups and individuals involved in community welfare interests, including:

  • Churches and other Houses of Worship
  • Patient advocacy organizations
  • Hospitals, medical clinics, and care providers
  • Voluntary health agencies
  • Community-based social services agencies

In the spirit of creating a sustainable, lasting impact on the health of communities of colors, HEAL offers the following services and capabilities to help the communities you serve:

  • Hosting programs and events, coordinating logistics, managing participants and providing educational content as well as securing key subject matter experts. In our education and engagement programs, we:
    • Assess disease prevalence and awareness
    • Drive patient activation on the availability of local health care services, treatment options and resources
    • Educate on available services and resources
    • Engage communities in grassroots advocacy on health care public policy, payer practices and other legislative issues that directly impact them
    • Advocate for overall health care system improvements in quality, accessibility and affordability
  • Building collaborative, local networks to establish faith-based partnerships and educate on innovative health care solutions around chronic diseases affecting mortality in communities of color with policymakers, faith leaders and community advocates
  • Amplifying the voice of the community to impact policy change, bridging the gap between policy design and policy implementation
  • Promoting diversity in clinical research
  • Supporting synergistic collaborators in science, policy and community leadership


To partner with us or learn more about how we can support your health initiatives, contact us.