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We’re passionate about our partnerships with churches, patient advocacy organizations, hospitals, medical clinics, care providers, voluntary health agencies and community-based social services agencies, and look forward to helping you build a healthier community. We’re here to ensure that communities of color are healthy through collaborative relationships, innovation, community action and public advocacy.

Have a question about enabling your health ministry, providing educational material to your congregation, or how to improve healthcare quality and community standards? We’re here to help create a lasting impact on the communities you serve!

Ask us how we can help further your house of worship’s health initiatives, host an educational event, partner with the right experts to educate your health ministry and community on key health concerns for communities of color, or bolster education around the COVID-19 vaccine.


HEAL Collaborative
830 Glenwood Avenue SE
Suite 510249
Atlanta, GA 30316

LaKimba DeSadier – Executive Director