About Us

Who We Are

HEAL is a not-for-profit community-based organization that focuses on Educating, Informing, Advocating and Engaging under-served minority populations on the availability of healthcare-related services, accessibility to emerging treatment options, and consequential community benefit impact.


Communities of Color are Healthy


To develop healthy communities of color, we will use our collaborative relationships, innovation, community action, and public advocacy.​


Build collaborative networks nationally; to establish faith-based partnerships; to hold educational sessions on innovative healthcare solutions around chronic diseases affecting mortality in communities of color with policymakers, faith leaders, and community advocates.

What We Do

HEAL uses a unique approach to engage, inform and educate community groups to improve an individual’s access to state-of-the-art treatment modalities and healthcare delivery systems.

HEAL connects communities to local health services and support resources.

HEAL has strong, trusted ties to community leaders and organizations, from faith-based to advocacy groups, that give insight into physical, economic and behavioral health needs.

HEAL stands up for health equity in support of communities of color. Our long standing relationships with policymakers enables us to influence healthcare policies and law that impacts our community directly. As members of community with years of experience in policy development, we know what the issues are, how to get legislation passed and we know how to implement policy.

HEAL creates and delivers programs uniquely designed to:

  • ASSESS the awareness of disease prevalence, particularly among at-risk ethnic and racial minorities
  • EVALUATE knowledge of available healthcare services, treatment options, and resources that support individual and population health management
  • EDUCATE participants on accessing available services and resources
  • ENGAGE communities in grassroots advocacy on healthcare public policy, payer practices, and other legislative issues that directly impact them
  • ADVOCATE for overall healthcare system improvements in quality, accessibility and affordability.

In particular, Our Community Conversation events bring together the local Black church, doctors, specialists, patient advocacy groups, and local policymakers to share information about the health concerns that are most prevalent in our community. These events give policymakers the opportunity to hear the concerns the community directly from the community, and serve to educate congregations about how they can access treatment and navigate our health system, and stay healthy.

Contact us to let us know how we can help further your house of worship’s health initiatives, host an educational event or help you partner with the right experts to educate your health ministry and community on key health concerns.